Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Fat tail Scorpion - world's most dangerous Scorpion

Fat tail Scorpion - world's most dangerous Scorpion

Fat tail scorpion is one of the world's most dangerous species. The venom from the Yellow Fat tail Scorpion is strong enough to kill an adult man within two hours, and there is no anti-venom available. They are fairly small with an full grown size of about 4 inches.

 The females are bigger than the males. The tail on this Scorpion is very fat and that is where the name comes from. Africa is the main location for this species of Scorpion. They are very wide spread around the Middle East as well.

 They are found in areas of Algeria, Egypt, India, and Turkey. They prefer the dry areas that get very warm. They will stay in the cool areas though to avoid the sunlight which can make them very sensitive. 

The fat tail scorpion species is known to inhabit brick homes and those with crawlspaces. They can be very hard to eradicate too due to the fact that they don’t seem to be bothered by pesticides.

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