Saturday, 16 August 2014

Teacup Pug (Miniature Pug / Pocket Pug) - Tiny beautiful dog breed

Teacup Pug  (Miniature Pug / Pocket Pug)  - Tiny beautiful dog breed

Miniature Pug being the largest of all toy breed dogs, Miniature Pug or “ Pocket Pug “. The loving and friendly nature of pugs have made this breed a favorite among many dog lovers and breeders. The pug dog breed is in itself a small dog. Its small body with short legs and flat muzzle has earned this breed names such as “” tea cup pug “”, mini pugs, miniature pug and toy pugs. Miniature breed is much smaller in size than the original pug dog breed. 

The tiny pug breed weighs around  3 pounds (1.36 kg)  as has a slightly longer snout. Miniature pug care is a vital aspects in maintaining the good health of the breed. These pugs weigh less and require a little bit more attention and care. They are delicate and need to be handled with care. The teacup pugs are compact, muscular dogs with square features. They have a heavily wrinkled face with a black, snub- nosed snout. These dogs have an even temperament and are very friendly in nature. 

Pug puppies as well as adults are very playful and love to ‘box’  their toys with their feet. They need a short daily walk, with some light playtime at home, is enough for them. Their wrinkles need frequent cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dirt in them. Daily brushing of the coat will help keep shedding to a minimum, and keep it clean and sleek. 

Teacup pug grow slow. Miniature pugs are so incredibly tiny, they are extremely fragile, especially fragile, especially as a puppy.  These little puppies must be handled with extra special care. It is never recommended that Miniature Pugs sleep in your bed with you. Not only can you roll over and crush them or knock them out of bed, they can also suffocate from heavy blankets. Miniature Pugs will also take some patience when house-training. 

They are very tiny and will not be able to hold it very long so they will require to go outside often.  Miniature Pugs, have some sort of breathing problem. It is also important to keep Miniature Pugs clean. Keep their mouths dry so bacteria doesn’t grow and clean their ears about once a week. Their eyes get gooey and need to be wiped. Teacup Pugs need a lot of extra love and daily care but they’re so cute it hardly seems like work.

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